March 22, 2006

Remember camp in the summers of your childhood? The fun, the friends, the mosquitoes, the broken bones. Ahhhh, those were the days! ;-)

I don't know why it surprises me, but there are camps for adults (probably a ba-zillion of them, though we're only going to cover a few). This piece from Kiplinger's highlights a few including:

Well, I guess whatever floats your boat. But none of these really appealed to me, so I did a Google search on "adult camps" and found They have a TON of camps (mostly sports-related) that I'd like to attend. I'm sure I could find more, but I only have so much time to poke around looking for "adult camps." ;-)

So, how does this post deal with money? It gives you a list of new things you might want to splurge on. ;-) (Be sure to read the comments on this post -- lots of interesting ones. And if you haven't posted yet on what you splurge on, add yours to the list.)