Summer Camp Anyone?

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July 22, 2008

Summer camp is a great experience for a child. It provides an arena for developing social skills as well as getting to know themselves. You make new friends. Learn how to make crafts, singing, dancing, acting silly, and having your first crush......~sigh~, can all occur at summer camp. To find a camp in your area try This site features listings for summer camps and day camps in each state. So if you are in the good ol' state of North Carolina, you can go to To find a place for you young one to go to for the summer.

Also some churches provide day camps so that your child can go for a 1/2 day or a full day in your area. There may be community centers as well that provide summer camp for your child in which they may go on field trips, have quest speakers and have fun with arts and crafts.

Give your child a summer to remember. Summer camps are a great experience for children. The camp environment offers your child the opportunity to learn to live, work and play with others. Adventure, fun, friends and unique learning activities make summer camp an essential part of a child's emotional and educational growth. This makes choosing the right summer camp very important.