Premier Sports Camps

December 10, 2008

The art of choosing the perfect tennis camp is often a difficult one for the families of young players.  Tennis is a fantastic sport in any season, but the summer is very special for this sport as it can be played outdoors while soaking up some sun rays. It is also a great sport to learn at a summer camp.

Tennis Camps come in many sizes, shapes and colors.  Some focus on a certain skill level (beginners, intermediates, tournament level), some are geared towards fun, and some are just for playing (with very little teaching).  There are day camps, residential camps, school camps, morning camps and many more.  How does a family choose the perfect camp for their needs?

One of the biggest mistakes made by parents and players alike is not doing the right type of research.  What camp would benefit you the most?  The first criteria to figure out whether or not you want a complete camp experience (with overnight stays etc…) or are just looking to focus on getting a lot of tennis with top flight instruction.  Once you have decided on this, next you should locate all of your viable options. If you are looking to attend a day camp, you should focus on camps within a manageable driving distance. If you want to do an overnight camp, research all the options in your travel radius.  A good source for finding available tennis camps in your area is and

With that complete you should do a little research on what the camp offers. Ask questions, research each camps website and ask for references.  Important questions to ask are:

Once you have completed your research, ask for references if necessary or check out an independent camp site that allows for ratings and comments. One of the best of these sites is